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Re: Is there a resource manager in Allegro?

No, we have no software to do this.  It's one of the things
which get reinvented regularly and would be nice to have in our product,
but we don't currently intend doing it any time soon.

Even though I'm sorry to say that we can't give you a resource manager,
I appreciate you asking; knowing that people want this means we are more
likely to do it in the future.

Jim Veitch at Franz Inc.


  To: Allegro-CL@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU
  Cc: David_McArthur <dave@rand.org>, Darrell_Shane <shane@rand.org>
  Subject: Is there a resource manager in Allegro?
  Date: Fri, 08 Sep 89 11:07:48 PDT
  From: Darrell <shane%mishka@rand.org>

  I would like to create a pool of objects which would release and reclaim an 
  object, reusing reclaimed objects whenever possible.

  Darrell Shane