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Re: Defstruct doldrums

>   From: eliot@winnie.Princeton.EDU (eliot handelman)
>   I need to know how to map over the slots of random structures. Supposing
>   this were called MAPSTRUCT, taking a function and a structure, it would
>   feed the contents of each slot (and perhaps also the slot-name) to the 
>   function.
>On present versions of Allegro you can treat "untyped" (that is,
>default typed) defstructs as vectors.  LENGTH will return the number
>of slots.  SVREF (and SETF thereof) will operate correctly.  The
>zeroth slot is the symbol naming the structure, and the remaining
>vector slots are the defstruct slots.

>Of course, this functionality of LENGTH and SVREF aren't provided by
>any CL spec and therefore might disappear or change in a future

Not good enough, I need the names of the access functions of structures
of type defstruct-description. It doesn't matter to me what the innards of
a structure look like, as long as I can know how many slots there are and
how to access those slots. For example there is a slot called SLOTS in 
defstruct-description. What's the accessor called? Something like

>Say hello to Paul Lansky for me.

Will do, what's the connection?