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X toolkit

   Date: Thu, 4 Jan 90 19:27:08 EST
   From: maida@cs.psu.edu (Anthony Maida)

   I heard that, at the upcoming X conference in Boston, a
   representative from Franz will be giving a presentation. The topic
   will be: Franz's position in regard to X toolkit issues. Is it
   possible to get an abstract of the talk, or maybe a copy of a short

There is no paper or abstract.  What you have heard about is the BOF
session on Lisp and X.  A Franz representative will be there prepared
to "discuss" FI's position and activity on lisp windows and toolkits,
but that's all.  The BOF session should be viewed forum for members of
the lisp community to inform each other about their activities, to
discuss standards promotion, and how generally to improve the art.