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Re: [spr914] Allegro CL as a client of Quintus Prolog

Allegro CL uses ipc to communicate with Gnuemacs as part of its
Gnuemacs/Allegro interface.  The lisp side of this interface is
programmed using the functions in the file ipc.cl, which is part of
the fi-emacs extensions package.  These functions are undocumented and
not officially supported, but are relatively straightforward to figure
out if you are familiar with programming ipc.  If you don't already
have this file with your lisp distribution, you can find it in the
emacs extensions interface package which is ftp'able from
ucbarpa:~ftp/pub/fi/gnudist_1_3.tar.Z.  Note that this interface uses
either unix-domain sockets (single machine) or internet
(inter-machine) sockets.

   Date: Fri, 12 Jan 90 16:30:16 GMT
   From: Arnold Smith <smith%cam.sri.com@ai.sri.com>

   I am attempting to piece together a facility for allowing inter-process
   communication between an Allegro CL process and one or more
   (natural-language processing) processes written in Quintus Prolog.  In
   server/client terms, the server is Lisp and the clients are Prolog.
   Alternatively Prolog is master and Lisp is slave.  The environment is Sun
   Unix, and the processes should be able to run on the same or different

   Has anyone already solved this problem?  Quintus provides part of a
   solution in its IPC library, but not all of it...