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Non-popup menus in Common Windows

We have an application for which we need non-popup (static?) menus, which X
Common Windows does not provide.  Is there something really tricky/complex
hurdle we're missing that makes this hard to do?? If not, how come xcw
doesn't have it by default? The Composer Podium window looks fine, we want
something like that, but I'm wondering if there's some "gotcha" that makes
this hard to do in a general way as with pop-up menus.  I'm guessing that it
has something to do with multiprocessing, event handler interactions, but
not too sure (sorry I'm vague).

So if anyone has experience with this, I'd appreciate any sage, experienced
advice :).  Any wonderful code that makes this simple is of course appreciated.


Kevin Thompson
kthompso@ptolemy.arc.nasa.gov     Sterling Software/Nasa-Ames Research Center