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Changing C function interface from IBUKI to Allegro

Maybe this question was asked before, but....

I was using IBUKI Common lisp and I wrote C codes for some graphic
functions on a Silicon Graphics Personal Iris. Now I am trying to use
Allegro, but rewriting the C function interface is quite a tedious
job. I was passing arrays, but it seems to me that you need to pass
the dimensions of the array, while you can get the dimensions or the
rank from C functions of IBUKI or KCL. I have to modify a portion of
the C code anyway, but I would appreciate any tool or suggestion on
the porting the C function interface.

Thanks a lot.

Byung-Uk Lee
email: bul@flamingo.stanford.edu			Rm B5, Cedar Hall
Phone: 415-723-1241(Office)				Stanford University
       415-723-2437(Lab)				Stanford, CA 94305-4110