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Re: [spr1181] Self-evaluating vector objects

>> Is there a way to have structure objects be self evaluating? 

 Because the ANSI committee has decided that structure objects will be
self evaluating we will make that change in our 4.0 product.

 Until then you can use the advise function to change the behavior of
the evaluator.  This is done in the following way:

; first make sure that the advice will be compiled.  Since we are modifying
; part of the interpreter we don't want that code to need the interpreter
<cl> (setq excl::*compile-advice* t)  	
<cl> advise excl::%eval :around :fix-structure-eval nil 
       (cond ((not (or (consp (car arglist)) 
		       (symbolp (car arglist)))) 
	      (car arglist)) 
             (t :do-it)))