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Re: GBB in ACL

The difficulties that Cuno Duursma <cduursma@cen.jrc.IT> is having
are due to the fact that by changing labelset- to "labelset-" in the
following form

   (defstruct (labelset-table (:conc-name labelset-))
     (test 'eq)

he inadvertently caused the names of the defstruct accessor
functions to be symbols like |labelset-TEST| rather than
LABELSET-TEST.  One fix is to change the form to 

   (defstruct (labelset-table (:conc-name "LABELSET-"))
     (test 'eq)

(If you are using case mode insensitive-upper.)

However, the better solution is to get the file ALLEGRO-EXTENSIONS.LISP
from dime.cs.umass.edu.

If anyone else is using UMass GBB on Allegro and is still using the
generic extensions file they should also get the Allegro extensions

Kevin Gallagher