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slug party

Please Forward

Dear friends,

Last week Franz sent out the attached announcement for
our hospitality suite for SLUG '90.  We saw
this as an opportunity to show our appreciation
to the Lisp community for your wonderful support.

Today we were asked by the organizers
that we not show Allegro Composer, our development environment,
and cancel our Wednesday night party.
We regret the inconvenience to each of you who changed your 
Wednesday night plans in order to attend our party.

We look forward to seeing you at SLUG.


Bill Carlson
Sales Manager

>>Franz Inc. invites you to an evening of merry making and
>>product announcements at SLUG '90.
>>Feature items include Mexican food, beverages and
>>really cool door prizes.
>>Our hospitality suite will begin at 5:30 Wednesday, June 20
>>at the Assembly Room in the Bechtel International Building
>>on the Stanford campus.  All of our friends are welcome.

>>For a good time (or more information) please contact
>>your Franz Marketing representative at 415-548-3600 or info@franz.com.
>>Better yet, stop by our booth before hand and ask for directions.