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Allegro-Emacs interface on NeXT

>Change of subject/different question: the PCL package is a year old.
>I have gotten ahold of the MayDay version from this year, but have
>not been able to execute the (pcl::compile-pcl) successfully.  I did
>change all the *.lisp extensions to *.cl, but it still complains:
>	<cl> (load "~//Lisp//CLOS//defsys.cl")
>	; Loading /silbar/Lisp/CLOS/defsys.cl.
>	t 
>	<cl> (pcl::compile-pcl)
>	Compiling pkg...Error: File "/usr/pcl/pkg.cl" does not exist.
>	[1] <cl> 

In order to compile pcl, you need to change the value of *pcl-directory*
in the file defsys.lisp. It's a lot easier than moving your files

Arun Welch
Lisp Systems Programmer, Lab for AI Research, Ohio State University