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Picasso GUI Papers (corrections)

Several weeks ago, the Picasso Application Framework was announced, as
well as the availability of many papers describing the framework.  I
recently found out that most of the people who received the picasso
papers didn't get the paper titled "The Picasso Application Framework";
they only got the refernce manuals.  Moreover, for many those that *did*
get that paper, the figures were missing.

The missing framework paper is now available via anonymous ftp from
postgres.berkeley.edu (  The relevant files are:

	picasso-framework.ps.tar.Z	(Postscript version)
	picasso-framework.txt.tar.Z	(Clear text version)

These tar files contain both the paper and the figures.  The clear text
version has xwd (X window dump) format files for the pictures.

For those without internet access, the files can be sent via electronic
mail.  Mail to picasso-email at postgres.berkeley.edu if you wish to
receive the papers by e-mail.  Don't forget to specify which format
(postscript or clear-text) you wish to receive.

Finally, we're trying to keep track of all the people who are
interested in picasso, and the original mailing list got corrupted during
a system crash several weeks ago.  Could those of you who are interested
in further mailing about picasso (paper anouncements and upgrades) send mail
to picasso-list@postgres.berkeley.edu and those of you who actually have
installed picasso and are interested in bug fixes, upgrades, etc. send
mail to picasso-users@postgres.berkeley.edu.  Thanks for your help in this.

Brian C. Smith				arpa:  bsmith@postgres.Berkeley.EDU
University of California, Berkeley	uucp: uunet!ucbarpa!postgres!bsmith
Computer Sciences Department		phone: (415)642-9585