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re: CLOS for Allegro CL

 Franz Inc. has announced Allegro CL 4.0, a major upgrade from Allegro
 CL 3.1. 

 The key features of Allegro CL 4.0 include native CLOS (Common LISP
 Object System), the Allegro Presto delivery system, an improved
 garbage collector (with finalizations and weak links), and the
 addition of a tty-based time and space profiler.

 CLOS replaces PCL in Allegro CL 4.0, in conformance to the new Common
 LISP standard. Much PCL code should run in CLOS with only small
 modifications.  In addition, streams have been re-implemented as CLOS
 objects. There have also been changes to the package system.

 Allegro CL 4.0 will be available for Sun workstations by the end of
 this year, with ports to other platforms in early 1991.  Allegro CL
 4.0beta will begin shipping to selected customers next week.
 Unfortunately, only a limited number of beta versions can be released
 at this time. For more information, contact your Franz Inc.

Elizabeth Shook, Franz Inc.          1995 University Avenue, Suite 275
eshook@Franz.COM (internet)          Berkeley, CA  94704
uunet!franz!eshook (uucp)            Phone: (415) 548-3600; FAX: (415) 548-8253