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Anonymous FTP site

> Date: Fri, 26 Oct 90 16:32:33 PDT
> From: bss@jupiter.risc.com (Bruce Seely)
>    Date: Fri, 26 Oct 90 16:54:46 -0400
>    From: Arun Welch <welch@cis.ohio-state.edu>
>    John Collins writes:
>    >I have written a binary load/dump package for PCL; it is very much
>    >faster than the ascii approach, particularly when large amounts of
>    >numeric data is involved.  
>    You know, this sort of thing would be ideal for the fabled ftp
>    software server that was discussed at the BOF at AAAI... (hint, hint).
> I would sure like to see this happen.  Franz people said that they had
> previously done a lot of work in deciding how to setup an anonymous ftp
> server for the distribution of hacks, patches, etc., and they agreed that it
> was still a good idea.  If other Allegro-CL users would like to see such a
> facility, please consider making your opinion known on this list.  The
> number of replies (or lack thereof) will help Franz determine their
> priority in establishing such a server.

Here, here!!!  I concur.
George Williams
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