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porting guide lucid -> allegro ??

Does anyone have a guide for porting common lisp code from lucid cl to
allegro?  I'm doing a medium size system (qsim), and have already
found two "gotchas": 

1 - in lucid, byte pointers (as used by ldp and dpb) are
self-evaluating, while in allegro they are sexprs, and definitely not
self-evaluating.  (By self-evaluating I mean they eval to themselves,
as do numbers.)

2 - in lucid, it is feasible to use strings as case tags - e.g.
    (case "foo" ("foo 1)(otherwise 2))
seems to give 1.  In allegro, case compares tags with eql, and only strings
that are eq are eql.

DOes anyone have a longer list of such differences?  Thanks.