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Re: CLIM for Sparc Allegro withdrawn from market?

Franz is currently at crossroads with CLIM, and because of
current negotiations with other vendors we can't go into
much more detail than that.  However, the following is true:

*  CLIM *can* be bought, but we'd prefer that users wait a bit
*  0.9 of CLIM is currently on hold pending a new release
*  Franz is committed to CLIM's survival and success
*  CLIM is in use by many of our customers and we are not about to
   abandon them
*  We have a new Allegro CL release (4.0) that affects the CLIM situation
*  If you absolutely positively must have CLIM now please call me

There are many factors involved in the CLIM situation
that make it too confusing to present them all in email.  I am happy to talk
with anyone about CLIM and our future plans.

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	Date: Tue, 12 Feb 91 15:00:56 cst
	From: george@huntsai.boeing.com (George Williams)
	Message-Id: <9102122100.AA02420@huntsai.boeing.com>
	To: Allegro-CL@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU
	Subject: CLIM for Sparc Allegro withdrawn from market?
	Status: R

	I am trying to purchase CLIM for Allegro CL on Sun-4 architectures.
	The Boeing purchasing agents have been told that the product can't
	be bought, and that it has been withdrawn from the market due to bugs.

	Is this for real?? or are our procurement people not operating with
	a full charge??  What's going on???

	George Williams
	Boeing Computer Services   Internet: george@hsvaic.boeing.com  [preferred]
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