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SparcStations-2's and ACL

There is an operating system bug which causes SS-2's to hang (L1-A
doesn't even work).  Lisp (not just ACL) seems to tickle this bug more
than other random things, which is why it was just recently diagnosed
and fixed.  The official patch for the SparcStation 2 is now available
via Sun Microsystems Customer Support at 1-800-USA-4SUN (1-800-872-4786).
(Outside the US, contact your local Sun office).   The Patch ID is:

Kevin Layer, Franz Inc.         1995 University Avenue, Suite 275
layer@Franz.COM (internet)      Berkeley, CA  94704
uunet!franz!layer (uucp)        Phone: (415) 548-3600; FAX: (415) 548-8253