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lexical closures

Quick questions for the LISP gurus out there.
(I am using the latest and greatest Allegro CL (4.0.1?))

I am interested in creating lexical closures so that I can save some
state variables and for later use in resuming some functions.
I know how to do this with the traditional #'(lambda ... syntax.

However, I was just trying to do the same thing with labels, e.g.:

(defun bar (x)
  (labels ((fn1 ()
             (setq x (foo x))
             (values x #'fn1)))

The idea being that later on I can resume calling fn1.
It occurs to me that may not be doing what I want (especially since
it seemed to be working a little bit, but lately I can't even call
my function when I compile it...  although interpreted seems to work???).

Anyway.  Does the labels macro perform a lexical closure?  Does this
make sense?

Thanks for any clues as to what is really going here (both generally
in LISP and specifically in Allegro CL).

Joel Riedesel