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Lisp Users Group preliminary meeting announcement

The first annual Lisp User's and Vendor's conference has been  scheduled
for October 28-November 1,  in Gaithersburg, MD,  20 minutes outside  of
Washington, D.C.   The  theme  of  this  years conference is "Developing
Successful Applications  using  Lisp",  and  will  cover  such topics as
language standardization,  object-oriented  programming,  user interface
design tools, rapid prototyping, and delivering applications.

Several major Lisp vendors (including Franz, Lucid and Symbolics,)  have
already  committed  to   giving  tutorials,   technical  and   marketing
presentations, and demonstrations.   Vendors of Lisp-based  applications
software,  such  as  OODBMS  and   AI  tools  are  also   participating.
Additional participants and sponsors are still being sought.

The conference begins with a two day tutorial program, on such topics as
CLOS, Advanced CLOS,  CLIM, and  code portability.   The following three
days will  be  a  mix  of  presentations,  demonstrations  and  workshop
discussions.  Technical presentations  will be  given on  topics such as
language  standardization,  programming  environments,  and  performance
issues.   Vendors  will  host  user   group  sessions  to  discuss   and
demonstrate new products.   Papers will  be presented  by developers  of
successful Lisp applications (a  call for papers  is being prepared  and
will appear on this list shortly.)

Program contents are being finalized now - vendors of Lisp or Lisp-based
applications wishing to participate or sponsors are encouraged to have a
representative contact  me  immediately.   For  those wishing to attend,
printed program  announcements  and  registration  information  will  be
available from the participating vendors July 12th.

	Jim Aragones

	GE-CRD, K1-5c30
	1 River Rd
	P.O. Box 8
	Schenectady, NY  12301

	518/387-6967 (office)
	518/387-6845 (FAX)