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LUV-91 Call For Papers

Call For Papers

The First Annual Lisp Users and Vendors Conference (LUV-91)

Oct 28-Nov 1 1991

Gaithersburg Marriott
Gaithersburg, Maryland

This conference will emphasize the importance of Lisp as a powerful
general-purpose programming language that allows its users to develop
and deliver large programs.  Lisp has been a fertile ground for
pioneering developments in software engineering such as object-oriented
programming, integrated programming environments and machine-independent
user interface systems. Submissions should emphasize how these aspects
of Lisp facilitated their work.

The topics of interest for papers are:

1. Lisp Applications:

We are interested in hearing from people who have developed and
delivered a successul commercial or "in-house" application written in Lisp.
These papers will be judged on uniqueness of the application, value to
the end users (e.g., increased functionality, ease of use, cost savings,
time savings) and system development and delivery problems solved by
using Lisp.  

2. Project Management Issues related to developing Lisp Applications:
Papers submitted for this topic will be judged on how well they address
issues associated with project management and delivery of Lisp
applications.  Briefly describe the application.  Concentrate on
technical and cultural issues related specifically to managing and
delivering an application developed in Lisp.

Submit 4 copies of the paper to:

    Kathy Egan
    Mailcode F-448
    McDonnell Douglas
    P.O. Box 21233
    Kennedy Space Center, FL  32815

Papers must be received by August 31, 1991.

Papers shall be written using a 10pt serif font. They can be an extended
abstract (roughly 2 pages) or a full paper (maximum of 8 pages). Papers must be
written in English.  Authors will be notified of acceptance by Sept 13,
1991.  Final copies will be due at the conference.  Papers from all
countries are welcome.