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Re: [spr3716] foreign function code -G 0 ??

Your problem report has been assigned a tracking id of spr3716.
Please use this id in the subject line of any mail related to
it so that we may better track communication on your inquiry.
Also, please cc bugs@franz.com, so your questions can be answered
if I am unavailable.

    Date: Fri, 19 Jul 91 17:02:45 EDT
    To: allegro-cl@ucbvax.berkeley.edu
    Subject: foreign function code -G 0 ??

    I'm trying to load some C object code to use as foreign functions.

    For each file, I get 

    "object not compiled with -G 0 will not work linking with -A"

    The files are compiled with -g 0.

    Is there an undocumented -G switch for the cc compiler that
    my man page is not telling me about, or is this a spurious message
    pointing to some other problem?

    Thankyou and regards,

    Paul Kram

1.  `-g 0' and `-G 0' are actually different switches.  You should
    be using `-G 0'.  (Actually, I assume that the `-g 0' in your
    message is a typo.)

2.  You not only have to compile the files with -G 0, you must use
    libraries compiled with -G 0.  These must be specified explicitly
    in the LOAD for entered to Allegro CL.  Based on the information
    in your message, this is the most likely cause of the problem.

3.  On some machines, the -G 0 libraries are apparently defective
    because the error noted is signaled even when the file is compiled
    with -G 0 and the -G 0 libraries are used.  If that is your
    situation, contact us for more information.  (I am reluctant to
    indentify the machines on a public mailing list.)

It is very helpful to us if you specify the machine type, OS version,
and Allegro CL version in any problem report.  I am guessing that you
are running on a DECstation, but I do not know.

If the information in this message is not sufficient to correct the
problem, please send us a transcript showing the call to LOAD and the
messages that are printed.  Please specify `:verbose t' to LOAD.

Except on the machines referred to in 3, users have been able to load
code compiled with -G 0 successfully when the proper libraries are
used, so I am confident your problem can be worked out.

David Margolies
Franz Inc.