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Public Patches Location Announcement

  Franz Inc. is pleased to announce that patches for Allegro CL are
being made available for public ftp/uucp on uunet.uu.net.  At this
time, public patches are available for Allegro CL versions 3.1, 4.0,
4.1.alpha.0, 4.1.beta.0 and the corresponding versions of Allegro
Composer and Allegro Common Windows (on X).  For 3.1, patches are
available for the 68k, 88k, decmips, mips, and sparc architectures.
For the other Allegro CL versions, only the sparc architecture patches
are available.  Other versions' and products' patches are expected to
be added to the public directory shortly.  Stay tuned to
allegro-cl@berkeley.edu for announcements and check on uunet with ftp.

  The patches are all available on uunet:~ftp/vendor/franz/patches (==
uunet!~/vendor/franz/patches).  There is a README in the toplevel
directory which explains how to find and load the patches for your
version of Allegro CL.  As patches become available, the files in this
directory will be updated, so it is a good idea to periodically check
the particular subdirectories you may be interested in for changes.
The patch descriptions, which are admittedly cryptic, can be found in
each version/product/architecture's subdirectory in the file called
DESCRIPTIONS.  (This is all explained in the README file).

  To use ftp, the following is an example of how to access the Franz Inc.
the README file in the patch directory:

% ftp uunet.uu.net
Name: ftp
Password: <your login name>
ftp> cd ~ftp/vendor/franz/patches
ftp> get README

  If you do not have access to the internet, you may still be able to
get access to the directory via other methods.  If you are on the
BITNET/NetNorth/EARN system, the bitftp service may be helpful in
accessing ftp files.  Your system administrators may know of other ftp
servers as well.

  If you can't get access to uunet via ftp, and you do not have a
direct connection to uunet (ie, a uunet subscription), you can use
uunet's 900 service which will show up as a charge on your telephone
bill.  Here is some information about how to use the 900 service from

> How to reach UUNET's 900 number via uucp
> ========================================
> Here are some sample a L.sys or Systems file lines suitable for UUNET's
> 900 number:
> #
> # Simple line.
> uunet Any ACU 19200 1-900-468-7727 in:--in:--in: uucp
> #
> # Set up for a Telebit.
> uunet Any cua0 19200 cua0 "" ATX0S50=255S111=30DT19004687727\r CONNECT "" login: uucp
> Modify as appropriate for your site, of course, to deal with your local
> telephone system and uucp version.
> Note that these modems first answer with V.32, then at 2400, 1200, and
> last with PEP tones.
> This "900" number charges $.40US per minute to the caller.
> All modems on the 900 lines are Telebit T2500s.

  If you have any questions about the patch directory itself, please
ask "info@franz.com" (uunet!franz!info) or call (415) 548-3600 and ask
for technical assistance.

Charles A. Cox, Franz Inc.        1995 University Avenue, Suite 275
Internet: cox@franz.com           Berkeley, CA  94704
uucp:     uunet!franz!cox         Phone: (415) 548-3600; FAX: (415) 548-8253
				  [Please Note: Effective 2 Sep 1991, our area
				                code changes from 415 to 510]