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New Area Code for Franz Inc. telephone numbers

  The area code for the eastern part of the San Francisco Bay Area,
which includes the main Franz Inc. offices, has been changed effective
2-Sep-91 from 415 to 510.  According to Pacific Bell, there will be a
five-month period (to 27-Jan-92) when the 415 number is still supposed
to work.  However, we encourage you to change your rolodexes and
automatic dialers as soon as possible so that you will always be able
to get through to us.

Here are the phone numbers with the new area code:

Franz Inc. office (available work days between 8am to 5pm Pacific Time):
  (510) 548-3600

Franz Inc. FAX line:
  (510) 548-8253

Also, you can reach Franz Inc. by email, as always, by sending to
"info@franz.com" (or "uunet!franz!info").