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hypertext update


After I reported the initial results of my research for hypertext
tools in CL I got a few additional bites:

   * Picasso -- A graphical user interface development system by Larry
     Rowe at Berkeley.  Implemented in CLX and CLOS running in
     Allegro.  From my initial examination Picasso seems to have lots
     of useful pieces, and a hypermedia application has been written
     in it.  Documentation is also impressive.  Available via ftp or
     send $150 for a tape.  Contact: picasso@postgres.berkeley.edu.

   * NoteCards -- Arun Welch reports that NoteCards from Venue runs
     under Medley (not Allegro).  Contact: welch@cis.ohio-state.edu
     gave me the lead; Venue is the vendor.

   * Hyper-Link -- Ken Cheetham from Franz has developed a hyperlink
     tool. Its implemented in and runs in gnuemacs not Allegro CL but
     can link to arbitrary code (gnu lisp common lisp, c shell).
     Seems like a useful tool for emacs users.  Contact:

If I get any more leads, I'll pass them along.  Thanks to everyone for
the additional replies.