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Re: where to find clim?

>> We would like to run clim on Allegro Version 3 on
>> our Nextstations.  I don't believe this came on our
>> Allegro source tape (disks).  Is there an ftp source
>> anywhere?  Thanks,

CLIM has not been ported to versions of Allegro CL prior to 4.0.
Furthermore, the source code to CLIM is not in the public domain, so
it is not available for public ftp.

Further bad news: all the current UNIX implementations of CLIM depend
on X11--there are third party X11's available, and if we do release
CLIM for the NeXT it will depend on X11 (from one of the several

Early next year we expect to release ACL 4.1 for the NeXT, but we
haven't decided yet whether to port CLIM, because of the X11 situation
on the NeXT.

Sorry for so much bad news.  If you have further questions you can
contact info@franz.com for information or to offer suggestions.

Kevin Layer, Franz Inc.         1995 University Avenue, Suite 275
layer@Franz.COM (internet)      Berkeley, CA  94704
uunet!franz!layer (uucp)        Phone: (510) 548-3600; FAX: (510) 548-8253