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I am running Allegro 4.0.1 on a Sun 4.  In reading the symbol-function
documentation, they list the behavior to be as follows:

    (defun foo (x) (car x))
    (symbol-function 'foo) => (lambda (x) (block foo (car x)))
    (setf (symbol-function 'foo) '(lambda (x)(cadr x)))
    (symbol-function 'foo) => (lambda (x) (cadr x))

I am aware that the behavior has changed in release following 3.8(?)
to reflect the current behavior which returns a function identifier
e.g. #<Function FOO @ #xafbcf3>.  

Is there any substitute for symbol-function and fdefinition which
will return (for user-defined functions) the code as in the previous
behavior of symbol-function?  I realize that you can pains-takingly
inspect for it but I would prefer a better way.  Thanks.

Marilyn Bunzo				NASA Ames Research Center
Sterling Software			Mailstop 262-6
msb@eos.arc.nasa.gov			Moffet Field, CA 94035