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[spr5044] read-byte question

>> I'm using: Allegro CL [Silicon Graphics Iris 4D] (8/7/90)
>> running on a SGI 4D/25TG, Irix 3.3.1.
>> Maybe I'm missing something obvious here,
>> I don't understand why the first read fails but the second works:

Thanks for the complete bug report.  (It's great to have a reproducible
example and know exactly what machine it fails on -- saves a lot of

No, you weren't missing anything -- our implementation is.  I've verified
that this bug has been corrected in the 4.1beta version of our Lisp on
the SGI machine, so the fixed version should be coming your way soon.
Our stream implementation has changed considerably between 3.1.15 and
4.1, so the problem is probably not easily patchable.  Hope you can live
with the workaround (using unsigned-bytes) that you discovered until
4.1 finds its way to you.

						 George Jacob
					  INTERNET: georgej@franz.com
					  UUCP:     uunet!franz!georgej