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Re: [spr5078] GNU Emacs interface to ACL 4.1 on 18.58

>> Does anyone at Franz or in the user community have the
>> Emacs->Allegro interface working in 18.58 on an SGI?  The tape I
>> just got is for 18.57, and since I'm still running 18.55, I'd
>> rather upgrade to the latest release.

The emacs-lisp interface in Allegro CL 4.1 beta will work on an
unmodified 18.58, with the below mods to elisp source files:

In lisp/fi/utils.el, use the following definition instead of the
4.1beta version:

(defun fi:verify-emacs-support ()
  "A function used to test the GNU Emacs in which it is run to see if the
minimum require support for the Emacs-Lisp interface exists."
  (message "everything looks fine!"))

In lisp/fi/basic-lep.el, use the following definition instead of the
4.1beta version:

(defun fi::wait-for-reply-to-come-back (result-cons)
  (when (not (car result-cons))
    (let ((count fi:lisp-evalserver-number-reads))
      (while (and (> (setq count (1- count)) 0)
		  (null (car result-cons)))
	 (fi::connection-process (fi::ensure-lep-connection)))))
    (when (not (car result-cons)) (error "Eval in lisp timed out"))
    (if (third result-cons)
	(error (second result-cons))
      (second result-cons))))

Don't forget to byte-recompile the fi directory.

These changes apply to the SPARC 4.1beta as well.

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