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Re: [spr5234] killing emacs too easily

>> Kevin -- quick question, I asked about this last version of FI -- how can I
>> make emacs ask me before killing a emacs with a running inferior lisp?
>> Right now, just doing C-x C-c kills my emacs, not what I wanted --

This question comes up a lot (which is why I've cc'd
allegro-cl@Berkeley.EDU).   Here's how I do it:

(setq kill-emacs-hook '(lambda () (my-query-kill-processes)))

(defun my-query-kill-processes ()
  (let ((ps (process-list)))
    (while ps
      (if (or (member-equal (process-name (car ps))
			    '("server" "display-time" "*shell*" "mail-status"))
	      (not (eq 'run (process-status (car ps))))
	      (eq 'exit (process-status (car ps)))
		(condition-case ()
		      (switch-to-buffer (process-buffer (car ps)))
		  (error nil))
		 (format "Kill process %s? " (process-name (car ps))))))
	  (condition-case ()
	      (kill-process (car ps))
	    (error (kill-buffer (process-buffer (car ps))))))
      (setq ps (cdr ps))))
  (sleep-for 1))

(defun member-equal (item list)
  "same as common lisp (member item list :test #'equal)"
  (let ((ptr list)
        (done nil)
        (result '()))
    (while (not (or done (atom ptr)))
      (cond ((equal item (car ptr))
             (setq done t)
             (setq result ptr)))
      (setq ptr (cdr ptr)))

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