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A few questions pertaining to X11 common windows

Hello, I am running common windows 2.0 under 4.1.beta.  I am interested 
in using different icon bitmaps for different types of common windows.  
I know how to do this for non-top-level icons.  However, I can't seem 
to get CW's resource name correct.  This is what I have tried so far:

Xcw*iconPixmap:				abitmap.bm
xcw*.iconPixmap:			abitmap.bm
*WINDOW-STREAM.iconPixmap:		abitmap.bm

I am sure that the bitmap file abitmap.bm works; I use it for my xterm 

Along a similar vein, suppose I created by own window-stream class with 
window-stream as one of its superclasses.  What would the X resource 
name for an instance of that class be?

Thank you,
Darrell Shane