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   Date: Thu, 13 Aug 1992 15:11:47 -0700
   From: Michael Hidalgo <mmm@well.sf.ca.us>

   HI, the people at Franz gave me this address to help with a problem of mine.
   But it appears that I need a password.

The address "allegro-cl@ucbvax.berkeley.edu" is a mailing list.
Anyone can post messages to it -- as you just did -- and anyone can
subscribe by sending a request to
"allegro-cl-request@ucbvax.berkeley.edu".  It has relatively low
traffic since its main use is for announcements concerning Allegro,
but users can also exchange information on it if they like.

Franz Inc maintains two other mailing addresses:
"bugs@franz.com" is the address for technical support.
"info@franz.com" is the address for sales and product information.

   All of their technical people are at
   a lisp vendors conference in San Diego right now,

This is not true.  bugs@franz.com is staffed every working day.  If
you need technical help, you should mail to that address.

   so i'm dubious that they
   could help me.  Anyway, they gave me the impression that allegro-cl was
   "open" to all.  Can you help me get in?

It isn't clear what you mean by "get in".  Allegro-cl is *not* a
computer account that you can log into, nor is there any reason to do
so.  It is only a mail address.