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yacc in lisp: many choices.

About 10 month I asked:

  I'd like to use a parser-generator for a class in compilers
  and programming languages that uses Common Lisp, rather than
  C as the language for writing actions etc.

  Best would be zero-cost, well-documented, and perhaps
  very close to yacc / bison in general.

  Anything out there?

There were several responses.

Wanda Pratt <ai.wpratt@mcc.com> has a program called STACC

Mark Johnson <mj@cs.brown.edu has an LALR parser generator

Jacob Butcher <jacob@taitastigon.tcs.com> has one, undocumented.

Jim kipps  kipps@etoile.ics.uci.edu
(this would need a
license from RAND corp, I think). It is in C producing CL parsers.

Dave Wile <wile@isi.edu> say "I have a rather well-developed system,
called Popart -- for Producer of Parsers and Related Tools --
 that may be what you are looking for."

 David Gadbois <gadbois@mcc.com> says
I made a first pass at turning Sandra Loosemore's SLR parser generator
into an LR(1) one.  Several folks have used versions of it for compiler
class projects.  It's on cs.utexas.edu in /pub/ops5/gadbois/lr.tar.Z.

Arun Welch...
Lisp Systems Programmer, Lab for AI Research, Ohio State University
welch@cis.ohio-state.edu say...
Not CL, but we've got one written in LOOPS/Interlisp-D that we could
release if you want it.

I used Mark Johnson's parser generator for my class. It worked fine,
but it is not exactly YACC input, nor does it have much for error