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How to change the package in an inspector window of Composer


I was wondering whether there is a straightforward way of changing the
package used in the presentation of the symbols in an inspector
window, for example, if I am in the user package and do 

 :wi l

only to find out that all of l's elements are in some other-package and
hence are displayed with their package prefixes which I don't want to
see. The only way I could make this work was to look at the value of


find the window object that corresponds to the inspector window in
question (say it is the first), and then do something like

 (setf (wt::inspector-window-package (first cw:*all-window-streams*))
       (find-package 'other-package))

Now, after clicking on REFETCH on my inspector window the package
change will take effect and symbols will be displayed according to the
new package value.

Achieving this by starting up a new inspector in a different package
is only a viable option if one is pretty much at the top level, but
not if one has finally found the important objects at the end of a
long inspection/subinspection chain.

Any hints much appreciated, I couldn't find anything related to this
in the Composer manual.


Hans Chalupsky, Dept. of CS, 226 Bell Hall, SUNY@Buffalo, NY 14260.