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Re: [spr7699] How do I tell if a file is a plain file or a directory?

|  .> (probe-file "/tmp/subdir")
|  #p"/tmp/subdir"
|  .> (probe-file "/tmp/subdir/")
|  #p"/tmp/subdir/"
|  .> (probe-file "/tmp/foo.lisp")
|  #p"/tmp/foo.lisp"
|  .> (probe-file "/tmp/foo.lisp/")
|  #p"/tmp/foo.lisp/"                <- NIL seems more sensible

Our reading of the language spec indicates that there is no
implementation-independent way of making this distinction.  We tend to
use the function, excl::probe-file-non-directory, for this purpose,
but of course it is as unportable as your solution.

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