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image size limit


In trying to load a large knowledge base I get the following:

    Error: An allocation request for 64 bytes caused a need for 15990784
           more bytes of heap.
    This would exceed the image size limit set at initial build.
      [condition type: STORAGE-CONDITION]

I assume this is an Allegro limit and not a Unix limit:

% limit filesize
filesize        unlimited

I found no documentation regarding parameters under my control; I now
assume the correction is to be done at Allegro build time via the
inquiry "Size of the preallocated heap [60m]:", which I found in the
4.2 installation guide.  If this is the case, I can say that it would
be very helpful to have some control over this so that I don't have to
go back to the installer and have it all redone.

For comparison, the size of a similar Lucid image is 74 megabytes.