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Re: printers for structures

At 17:15 3/25/93 +0100, Abdel Kader Diagne wrote:
>I'm looking for a way of using optional printers for structures. In some
>cases I like to use the default lisp printer, and in other cases a user-defined
>pretty printer; e.g., what I want is to switch (depending on the value of a
>pre-defined variable) between the default printer and a user-defined
>pretty-printer for a given structure.
>Any idea how to do that?
>Thanks in advance.

The following works in Macintosh Common Lisp. I haven't tested it
anywhere else.


(defstruct foo x y)

(defvar *print-foos-pretty* nil)

(defmethod print-object ((o foo) stream)
  (if *print-foos-pretty*
    (format stream "#<A ~s structure with slots ~s: ~s and ~s: ~s>"
            'foo 'x (foo-x o) 'y (foo-y o))

; Test code
(let ((foo (make-foo))
      (*print-foos-pretty* nil))
  (print foo)
  (setq *print-foos-pretty* t)
  (print foo)