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Allegro 4.1 on a Sparc 10

 >>Date: Thu, 01 Apr 93 12:25:02 EST
 >>From: john@linus.mitre.org
 >>I'm sending this as a bug-report as well as to the mailing list
 >>because I'm hoping to get some information from both Franz and other
 >>Allegro users.  My basic question is, why isn't my Allegro code very
 >>much faster on a Sparc 10 than a Sparc 2?

This is really what I am wondering.

 >>Now, if I remember right, a 10 is supposed to have approximately 2.5
 >>to 3 times the cojones of a 2, measured in spec marks.  Some simple,
 >>purely numeric test code that I wrote does indeed run at least 3 times
 >>faster.  Even some simple, non-numeric test code (lots of consing,
 >>calls to MEMBER, EQUAL, etc.) runs about twice as fast.
 >> ...
 >>So, do any other users have any experience with 10s yet?  Does Franz
 >>have any intuitions about this situation?
 >>I'd greatly appreciate any information.  I imagine the mailing list as
 >>a whole would be interested as well.

We had no SS2. We are now using SS10 from Oct. 92, as a
kind of replacement from 4/260. So I don't have any info
and I really want to know the reason.

Rumor says recompilation of every library of C codes
using Sun's new C compiler (not allegro level lib)
is needed to get the full functions of SuperSPARC.
... but I am not sure.
I don't like to purchase Sun C compiler to run Allegro fast.

Masa Ida