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compiling methods

Hello from Berlin,
I need your help to solve two problems:
1. even when I call in ACL4.1 excl:dumplisp with the :restart-function the
named function does not start after loading the dump - thats my minor
2. for a certain reason I cannot :cf a lot of files of my project -
ancompiler for EuLisp. So we collect all functions and call compile for
each of them after loading our compiler. However a lot is done using
generic functions and methods.
Is there an equivalent to compile for methods or what else can I do to
speed up my system.
Thanks in advance
Dr. E.Ulrich Kriegel, ulrich.kriegel@isst.fhg.de, (++49 30) 20372-346 
Fraunhofer Institute for Software Engineering and Systems Engineering
(FhG ISST), Kurstrasse 33, D-O-1086 Berlin, FRG
fax:   (++49 30) 20372-207
 ==> ATTN: new ZIP # (valid from July 1st, 1993) D-10117 Berlin