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LUV-93 Announcement

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Date: Thu, 20 May 1993 12:22 EDT
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Subject: LUV-93 Announcement

-------------------REGISTRATION INFORMATION!!!!!!---------------------------
	LUV'93:Third International Lisp Users and Vendors Conference
	August 9-13, 1993:Cambridge Marriott, Cambridge, MA
			Lisp and Education
Order of contents:
	Program information
	Special Airfare
	Tutorial Schedule/Descriptions
	Registration Form

	The Association of Lisp Users is pleased to announce the Third
International Lisp Users and Vendors Conference.  Sponsored by the
Association of Lisp Users and vendors of Lisp and Lisp-based products,
including Franz, Lucid, Harlequin, Venue,and Itasca. LUV '93 will be another
opportunity for users to exchange ideas and promote the benefits of the
Lisp programming language.
	The Association of Lisp Users is the voice of the international Lisp
user community.  By holding our annual conference, we promote communication
and the dissemination of information between the vendors of Lisp and Lisp
applications, and the users of these products.  Our opinions are sought by
the Lisp industry, most of which is well represented at our annual
	The theme for LUV '93 is Lisp and Education.  For over 20 years,
Lisp has been used to teach advanced computer science topics at major
universities.  Now, introductory computer science courses are being taught
using dialects of Lisp, allowing students to concentrate on basic concepts
and principles instead of mechanics. Many of the features of Lisp that make
it a popular language for education have also caused Industry to embrace
Lisp. They have done this by learning to use the Lisp-based extension
languages embedded in popular applications, such as AutoCAD, GNU Emacs,
and Interleaf.  
	In this year's conference, Monday and Tuesday are dedicated to
improving Lispers' software engineering skills through two days of tutorials.
Featured speakers will include David Moon of Apple Computer, Inc. on
Wednesday along with technical & paper presentations. Special interest
group meetings will also be held Wednesday. On Thursday the vendors will be
making presentations about their lastest products. Friday the Annual Meeting
will be held followed by the traditional no-cost tutorial (topic still to
be determined).

	This year the conference returns to the birthplace of Lisp and one
of the primary centers of the present day Lisp community, Cambridge, MA.
Our host hotel is the Cambridge Marriott, conveniently located at the
Kendall Square station on the red line and adjacent to MIT.  Nearby Boston
attractions include Harvard Square, Beacon Hill and Feneuil Hall
A limited number of rooms have been reserved at a conference rate of
$98 single & $108 double/night.  Please complete the housing form indicating your hotel
preferences and reservations will be made for you and guaranteed for late
arrival (after 6pm) if you include a credit card number.  Any changes in
your reservations before August 1st should be directed to An Event To Remember,
the conference organizers; changes after August 1st should be made directly
with the hotel.

	The Association of Lisp Users has designated Carlson Travel
Network/Pack n' Go Travel as the official travel agency for LUV '93.
Pack n' Go Travel can arrange for travel from any point of origin and 
guarantee the best airfare on the market.  Even after tickets have been 
issued, CTN/Pack n' Go Travel continues to monitor airfares and can reticket
to obtain a lower fare if one becomes available.
	The Association of Lisp Users has also negotiated special conference
airfares through Continental Airlines.  Each participant will receive 5% off
the lowest available fare when booked through CTN/Pack n' Go Travel. Please
call CTN/Pack n' Go Travel to make your flight arrangements:
	Carlson Travel Network/Pack n' Go Travel
	347 North Pottstown Pike, Exton, PA 19341


Monday Tutorials

Monday AM:
CLOS I: Object-Oriented Programming in Common Lisp
	This half day tutorial is an introduction to the Common
Lisp Object System, the object oriented extention to the proposed
ANSI standard Common Lisp. Attendees are expected to be familiar with
Common Lisp programming concepts.(Instructor: Allan Wechsler,Symbolics,Inc.)

Interfacing Lisp with Other Languages
	Lisp applications can access code written in other programming
languages via Foreign Function Interfaces (FFIs).  The primary focus
of this tutorial will be to show how C code and data may be used
within Common Lisp.  Examples will be drawn from UNIX and possibly PC
Common Lisp implementations. (Instructor: Charley Cox, Franz Inc.)

GNU EMACS Lisp Programming
	This half day tutorial will present the EMACS expension
language, EMACS Lisp which allows users to not only customize the
popular EMACS editor, but also allows the development of active
documents applications that interact with the user.
(Instructor: to be determined)

Monday PM:

CLOS II-Advanced CLOS and the Meta-Object Protocol
	This tutorial will cover meta-object protocols for CLOS as well as
existing implementational techniques and their consequences. Also to be
covered are advanced topics such as complex initializations protocols. A
good understanding of CLOS as well as Lisp is assumed.
(Instructor: Jon L. White, Lucid, Inc.)

Metaprogramming using Macros
	The Common Lisp macro facility is extremely powerful, but it's
advanced features can be difficult to use. Learn when and how to use macros
to improve your coding style and productivity.
(Instructor: Allan Wechsler,Symbolics,Inc.)

Closures, Continuations, and Coroutines
	The "continuation passing" style of programming is a powerful
technique that can be used to implement a number of useful control
structures, including backtracking and coroutines, in a simple and
elegant manner.  Continuation passing can be confusing if you are not
familiar with it, but this tutorial will teach you to understand and
write programs using this technique.
(Instructor: Louis Steinberg, Rutgers Univ.)

Tuesday Tutorials

Tuesday AM:
	This tutorial will show how to use the Common Lisp Interface Manager
to build interfaces to appllication programs. Topics to be covered include
application frames,presentations,menus and dialogs,commands,command tables,
interaction styles, and drawing graphics. Knowledge of Lisp is assumed.
(Instructor: to be determined)

Common Lisp for Scheme Programmers
	This tutorial will introduce Scheme Lisp programming to
experienced Common Lisp programmers. Scheme programming concepts will
be presented in a way that allows experienced Common lisp programmers
to contrast these two main stream Lisp dialects.
(Instructor: Allan Wechsler,Symbolics,Inc.)

Good Lisp Programming Style
	This tutorial will present good Lisp programming style heuristics.
It will deal with style issues at the individual function level as well as
at the complete system level.(Instructor: to be determined)

Tuesday PM:
	This tutorial builds on the concepts covered in CLIM I(a pre-
requisite to taking this course). Topics to be covered include hardcopy,
pointer manipulation,tracking the pointer, incremental redisplay,table and
graph formatting,drawing in color,the drawing environment, and doing
transformations.(Instructor: to be determined)

Scheme for Common Lisp Programmers
	This tutorial will introduce Common Lisp programming to
experienced Scheme Lisp programmers. Common Lisp programming concepts
will be presented in a way that allows experienced Scheme Lisp
programmers to contrast these two main stream Lisp dialects.
(Instructor: Allan Wechsler,Symbolics,Inc.)

Optimizing Lisp Code
	This tutorial will first present some general guidelines to
optimizing Lisp code that can be used regardless of specific Lisp system
details. Then specific details will be presented that are more relevant to 
a given Lisp compiler implementation.  Topics will include profiling,
some common algorithmic optimizations, consing, declarations and type
checking, garbage collection, using C code, arrays and delivery
considerations. (Instructor: Jim Veitch, Franz Inc.)

-------------------REGISTRATION FORM---------------------------------------
State (Country):____________________________Zip:_______________
Telephone:(       )______________________Fax:(      )______________
Electronic Mail:___________________________________(please print clearly)
Please circle programs and fees:ft student	rec before	on-site
(circle one per time period)	or academic	6/30/93      (after 6/30/93)
Mon. AM		-CLOS I		$50.00		$125.00		$175.00
tutorial	-Interfacing

Mon. PM		-CLOS II	$50.00		$125.00		$175.00
tutorial	-Macrology
Tues.. AM	-CLIM I		$50.00		$125.00		$175.00
tutorial	-CL for Scheme
		-Good Style
Tues. PM	-CLIM II	$50.00		$125.00		$175.00
tutorial	-Scheme for CL
Wednesday-Friday session	$100.00		$400.00		$500.00

						Total Enclosed:_________
Housing preference:	single	double	 Room Mate:____________
Arrival date:____________Departure date:_____________		        
Credit card information (to guarantee late arrival ONLY):        
 please circle	AMEX	DC	MC	VISA
Account #:__________________________________Exp. date:_____________
	International attendees may FAX registrations at any time.
	Domestic attendees may only FAX registrations after July 15th.
Mail with check or money order made payable(US funds only) to:
ALU, P.O. Box 294, Malvern, PA 19355-0294,attn: LUV '93 Registration
    (we are sorry but we can not accept credit cards for registration fees)
for US Govt purchase orders,please contact An Event To Remember,215-651-2990
Cancellations in writing before June 18th receive 50% refund,afterwards 25%
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