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Re: Error Handling

>> Hello, the Allegro CL User Guide (Rel 3.0) mentions (implementation
>> and extensions p 3-47) lots of symbols exported from the condition package;
>> among them:
>> 	invoke-debugger
>> 	handler-bind
>> Even though Franz is in the process of integrating the
>> condition system with Allegro CL, I would appreciate if
>> someone could bring me light on how to use these functions.
>> Are they similar to Lucid's or to TI's and Symbolics?
>> What are the differences?

Allegro CL 3.0 implements version 15 of the condition system (as
proposed to X3J13).  The only function not in conformance is

I was going to mail out the spec, but it is very large.  If you want
it, though, you may get it from AI.AI.MIT.EDU via anonymous ftp.  The
file name is "COMMON;COND15 TEXT" (the space in the name is
significant and you may need to put quotes around the filename).

Allegro CL 3.1 will implement version 18, with no deviance from the

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