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While editing a file on the lisp machine, it was modified on the 10.
We then attempted to read in a function, not previously edited on the lisp machine,\n from the same file using meta-dot.  The editor politely informed us that we had indeed
modified it on the 10, told us that it was going to forget about the file, and then
killed the buffer were in, but not all the buffers associated with the file.

Bug #1:	EINE shouldn't ask us what buffer to go to at this point, since no matter
	what, meta-dot will put us in a buffer of its chosing after the function
	is read in.

Bug #2:	Even though it recognized that the file had been modified, it read in the
	function from its position in the old file rather than finding the positions
	of the functions over again.

Bug #3:	Actually, it shouldn't kill the buffer we are currently in when reading
	the function in.  Fixing this bug would also fix bug #1.

If a Forget File is done by hand before doing the meta-dot, the right thing happens.