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	You might pass this on to MIT, but I have found that when one is
editing a narrowed region of a file, such as narrowing the region to a single
page and that region has no CRLF at its end, that EMACS prompts you: The file
does not end with CRLF should I add one when you write the file out.  It 
does this even if the FILE itself does end with a carriage return line feed.
Apparently EMACS is just looking at the narrowed region for the terminal 
CRLF and it should look at the file as a whole.  Indeed, if you respond Yes,
to add a CRLF, EMACS adds one at the end of the region rather than at the 
end of the file.

	I think this is a BUG because most people editing narrow regions
are usuallyediting PAGES of a manuscript (at least I am) and these regions
are almost always followed immediately by CRLF-FORMFEED, hence there is no
reason to add a CRLF to the end of the narrowed region. I think that
the check for  a terminal CRLF should look at the file as a whole, even if
the user is only editing a narrowed region.

Doug Brutlag