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Norm Samuelson <Samuelson@LL.MFE

Subject: [Darrel Whitney <WHITNEY@LLL.MFE>: Editing directory from EMACS]
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I dont expect EMACS to delete offline files (it would be a nice
additional feature, but it is NOT a bug that it does not do it now).
The bug is that when the delete fails, it does not release the JFN.

-Sam -

Mail-From: WHITNEY created at 18-Jun-84 11:06:17
Date: Mon 18 Jun 84 11:06:17-PDT
From: Darrel Whitney <WHITNEY@LLL.MFE>
Subject: Editing directory from EMACS

     I tried editing my directory <WHITNEY.ACCENT> from within EMACS.
When I gave the command to update the directory, most of the files
could not be deleted because they were offline.  The problem was that
all of these files were given a JFN.  The result was that I could not
run many of the EXEC routines.  Finnaly I stumbled on the close
command and was able to clear most of the JFNs.  There were some that
remained.  Did I use the directory editor incorrectly??