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EMACS not updating the cursor position

	Our EMACS seems to have developed a strange problem lately that
nobody can explain (there are no apparent software changes):

	Over an Interlisp-D CHAT connection, EMACS is not responding to
cursor positioning commands sent by the mouse.  For example, the mouse
would say C-U 4 C-F and the cursor would just stay still.  If you
refresh the screen with a ^L you *will* find the cursor in the correct
place.  If you type the command by hand it works!  We have determined
that EMACS *is* seeing the commands (via ^_L) but is *not* sending
cursor positioning back to the NVT (running EMACS under PHOTO.)  It
*did* work about two weeks ago just fine but is not working now.  Does
anyone have any possible explaination?

P.S.  The particulars are:
	The CHAT program emulates a DM2500
	We are using EMACS version 162 on a DEC-20