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Message of 15-Mar-84 21:59:22

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Date: Thu 15 Mar 84 18:54:50-PST
From: William "Chops" Westfield <BILLW@SRI-KL.ARPA>
Subject: making EMACS more efficient on TOPS20
To: tops20@SU-SCORE.ARPA

I have implemented half of the much requested EMACS mode for the
tops20 TEXTI jsys. (break on meta characters remains undone).
While I was at it, I made some changes to TTYSRV to make short
string output to terminal more efficient.  The patches have
been running at SRI for quite a while now with no obvious ill
effects.  The changes to EMACS are less well debugged, but
seem to work for the most part....  I have not done any
performance measurements to figure out how much this has
helped, but it seems that it ought to do quite a bit...

Interested parties may FTP the following files from the EMACS
directory on SRI-KL:

	TEXTI.MEM	Describes the changes to the monitor.
	TECO.DIF	SRCCOM of the new TECO with the standard MIT
			TECO.MID.1209.  TECO.MID.1237 is the updated
			source code....


PS:  This should serve as an example: people have been suggesting
     changes such as this for a long time, but nothing had ever
     been done.  I had assumed that this was because it had been
     looked at and people had decided that it was too difficult,
     and would not have done anything except for the prompting
     of kirk lougheed at sierra.  As it turned out, the patches
     were not difficult at all!  Everyone seems to have just been
     waiting for someone else to do it...

     My thanks to Kirk Lougheed for help debugging the new monitor,
     and for general advice on monitor internals; to Mike McMahon
     for help with TECO internals; and to the staff and users at
     SRI for their bug reports and tolerence...