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Highlighting can't easily be done for the region in EMACS.  Remember, though,
that marks in EMACS are different from marks in Zwei.  In EMACS, there is
a stack of marks.  In Zwei, there is one mark and a stack of points.
There is always a current region in EMACS, but not always one in Zwei.  So
if someone did modify the redisplay routine in TECO (written in PDP-10
code) there would almost always be some reverse-video portion of the

You can use the TMACS library M-X Graph Buffer command to get a graph
of what the buffer looks like.  Do M-X Load Library$TMACS first.

You can also use ^X-^X to exchange the point and the mark just before
you do M-W or such operations.  It will show you clearly what the
region is.