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emacs.init help

I recently changed a line in my emacs.emacs file to have it be
a tvi950 (since that type isn't supported by our monitor yet),
and when I generated a new emacs.init file, it didn't seem to
load correctly.  I tried doing it under <emacs.hackers> at XX,
but got the same behavior.  It previous was pretending that it
was a tvi912 just fine, but I can't even get it to create an
emacs.init file with that characteristic any more.  Our emacs.exe
is 62203 (which is about a year and a half old).

If anyone has the time to look at it and see if I messed up 
something else, I'd really appreciate it.  The files are 
ps:<cmp.nyberg>emacs.* here at Utexas-20.

Another minor glitch, in my ^R Generate Init.  I get a opn0113 (I 
think that was the number) when it tried to delete the 
emacs.comprs file.  Any suggestions?  Has something changed in
teco that I didn't hear about?

-- Karl --