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RRECIN for tops20

    Date: Mon 30 Jan 84 19:10:33-PST
    From: William "Chops" Westfield <BILLW@SRI-KL.ARPA>

    I've modified tops20 TEXTI not to echo break characters, and for the
    most part, things seem to work.  The exception is that if DISPLAY
    MATCHING PAREN is non-zero, and I include a paren in my typing, the
    cursor moves back to the open paren, but does not return to the end of
    line when I type the next character (unless it is a break character).
    Is the TWENEX code for display matching paren different from the the
    ITS code in the assumptions that it make about whether the cursor
    needs to be moved ?

No, the code is the same.  Are you getting the code at RRECI2 that makes
close paren a break character if FS^RPAREN is set?  I'd think that's all
you need.  You're saying that the cursor is frozen at the left-paren,

			 I would also like someone to explain the places
    that ITS TECO checks for whether the system was doing and ECHOIN call.

Let's see, the label in question is RRECI7.

TSINTA isn't relevant, that's for %PJATY, which Tops-20 doesn't have.

TSINTC is for the clock interrupt.  You want to do the same thing at the
Tops-20 TSINTC, namely get the TEXTI to return so that the normal TYI
routine will process it.

TSINT8 is ^G.  The corresponding code is at TSINT3.  It should interrupt
the TEXTI) Cleaning up may be slightly more difficult, since Tops-20
doesn't have PCLSR'ing, but instead interrupt PC's in monitor mode.

If this isn't enough to go on, and someone has a system setup someplace
with all this new stuff, I'd be happy to look at it as my time permits.