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Since most people around here use ambassadors with a 48 line display, we have
12 lines of spare display memory.  It would be really neat if emacs could use
this space effectively.  Two possibilities which seem reasonably straight-
forward would be to cache lines that are likely to be requested next (such as
the lines just below the displayed screen) or to write a command that pushes to
an exec in a 12 line window so redisplay would be faster when switching between
the exec and emacs.
(of course, this is especially useful when using emacs over a 1200 baud or
slower dialup)

Do any libraries already exist that do this sort of stuff?  If not is there
anyone out there who know teco better than I do (i.e. knows teco) who'd be
intereested in writing this, or should I figure out how to do it myself.