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there is a bug in TECO.MID which affects emacs.  When you exit emacs
(for example with ^x^z), the terminal dependent routine to reset the
terminal is executed.  However, if you continue emacs,, the routine
to initialize the terminal is NOT called.  this only effects terminals
that require initialization, which are in the minority, and thus this
bug has gone largely unnoticed.  The solution is to place a
immediately following the HALTF just before PAGON:

I have also added terminal support for the CONCEPT AVT terminal,
and will be sending you that as soon as I confirm with AVT that
it does everything it needs to do.

Bill W

PS: You were right about there being INI and RST routines in the
    terminal dependent routines.  I just expected them to be in
    a different place in the table.  INI at the beginning, for example.