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EMACS customization

Specifically, I would like to automatically load the VT100 library from an
EMACS vars file, then have the VT100 Setup Hook run and output the
following to the terminal:


These put the arrow keys and auxiliary keypad in the proper mode for the
VT100 library.  

I would also like a Exit Hook (or Exit To Superior Hook) which would output
this to the terminal:

<esc>>   i.e.  $> 

These return the keys to their default modes.  (Obviously, for a restarted
EMACS, VT100 Setup Hook has to be copied into Return From Superior Hook to
make sure the keys are back into the proper mode.

I have an uncomfortable feeling all of this has to be done from an EMACS
init file, if at all.  I would appreciate help converting my vars file to
an init file if that is the case.

Thank you for your time and effort.
					Michael Sullivan
					(also ccc.mikey@oz)